To the editor,

The City Council is going to vote on buying the Grand Forks Herald building on Monday, April 22. I am opposed to this idea for two reasons.

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First, I don't think the city should be buying buildings; leave that for private industry. Second and most important, if the city of Grand Forks buys the Herald building, I am afraid that a few months down the road, the city will suddenly get the bright idea that the Grand Forks Herald building would make a great place for the library.

Wrong! Putting the library downtown with so many bars nearby is no place to bring a lot of children. Why not rent the empty Kmart area and move the library there temporarily, then tear down the old library and build a new one at that location, which is midtown? Or, if more space is needed, why not buy the motel that is nearby and build there?

A library needs more parking space than is available downtown. Perhaps the city could donate a couple of million dollars to a new library midtown instead.

I am willing to admit I do not understand the City Council's fascination with developing the downtown. Why not start with some small, inexpensive ideas like cleaning the dirt off the sidewalks in the summertime and the ice and snow off the sidewalks in the wintertime?

M.E. Bakke

Grand Forks