To the editor,

North Dakota farmers and a lot of the general public were very mad and upset about the Affordable Health Care Act that was using tax dollars to help people that could not afford insurance premiums. They sent people to Washington to voice their concerns and voted over 40 times to repeal and replace the Affordable Health Care Act.

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Although it has not been fully repealed all the votes managed to disable it so bad that it has lost its usefulness. We were supposed to get this big beautiful care with no tax dollars used, just private insurance companies competing for the health insurance money the good old American way through open competition. Today this act is almost useless.

My question today is, are the North Dakota farmers and general public that were mad over the tax dollars being spent to help people with health insurance going to be mad with the government using $12 billion in tax dollars to bail out farmers over the loss of billions of dollars due to the tariffs imposed by the current administration on goods from other countries?

The same people that have been denied health insurance are now being asked to help the same people who voted over 40 times to take away their health insurance!

The President proudly tweeted "Tariffs are the greatest!" Even though many Republicans have spoken out against the tariffs and the bailout. The American people need to understand that tariffs are taxes paid by Americans. They harm everyone. Who is going to bail me out when I have to spend more for goods? I hope when the farmers go and pick up their checks they proudly wear their "Make America Great Again" cap.

Keith Monilaws

Absaraka, N.D.