Gina Marie Maus (Scheving)


In honour of my best friend, life long friend, soul sister or kindred spirit. On August 3, 2022 Gina was taken from us after complications from a brain bleed. Life has a plan for everyone and we do not always understand it. I still feel a bit lost, like a part of me is missing that has been with me almost all my life. Gina was my best friend for 53 years, she was eight and I was ten when her Dad, George Scheving (Mean George) as I lovingly called him, brought me home to meet his three children. Gina made me a better person, to see life through her eyes, hardships and experiences. It has not always been easy as when someone is hurting, we sometimes attempt to try and take away their pain. Instead my lesson was to love her through it by walking beside her in her hurt. You cannot save people, you can only love them. I am forever grateful for all those beautiful, sad, crazy, loving and at times difficult years for you have taught me many lessons. Until we are together again, know nothing loved is ever lost and you Gina Marie are loved so much, by so many. Love you always and forever my kindred spirit, Cindy McRae (Canada)

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