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Letter: National news ethics, standards eroding

Remember the 1976 movie “Network?” The storyline is somewhat prophetic when considering current-day corporate journalism, and why many sources of news are overwhelmingly distrusted by the American public.

Actor Peter Finch skillfully played the role of Howard Beale, longtime anchor of the fictitious Union Broadcasting System's UBS Evening News. Finch’s character became exasperated and angry over the erosion of ethics and standards within his profession; exclaiming on-air “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Random acts of nonpartisan journalism occasionally rise to the surface in 2019. However, a large majority of network and cable news outlets routinely regurgitate left-of-center talking points, hypotheticals and partisan narratives, often 24/7. One brazen example of hundreds occurred on May 2nd, a day after the testimony of Attorney General Barr before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian – anchoring “The Beat” – was interviewing ultraliberal Rep. Jamie Raskin, Democrat of Maryland, and on three separate occasions during their smackdown of Barr, Vossoughian asked Raskin which was the best way that "we" should go after Barr.


For following the law, Barr has been held in contempt by House Democrats with the clear objective of impugning his professional and personal character.

Their motivation is to damage Barr’s credibility and impede or stop any and all investigations by the Justice Department of former and current intelligence agencies and the previous administration, as it relates to illegal, premeditated efforts to obstruct the 2016 election by removing a sitting president of the United States.

Unfortunately, political allies within predominant media outlets will continue to frame the historic storyline with partisan content, spin or omission.

R.J. Ogaard