To the editor,

Ever since the last mass shooting, this one in New Zealand, I've been hearing more about individuals being radicalized by what they have read or listened to. We deplore this. We can't imagine why anyone would succumb to such radicalization.

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As I mull that over, however, I think of how polarized our society has become and wonder if we too aren't being radicalized, albeit unintentionally, by those from the extreme right and left, i.e. Fox News, MSNBC, etc., that we blindly follow.

A majority of our citizens profess to want politicians who will compromise, but it appears as though many of us have allowed ourselves to be radicalized and pushed so far to the right or left that we aren't willing to practice what we profess to want, such as listening to opposing positions and finding ways to compromise.

How can we expect our politicians to do what we aren't willing to do ourselves?

Lee Murdock

Grand Forks