To the editor,

As I write this, the past 48 hours have seen the announced departure of UND President Kennedy go from "I'm leaving this 1960s-era northern suburb of Selma, Ala." to a possible "Upon further review, we wish to rescind our offer."

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All, possibly initiated, because of the overexuberance of many in our region that have been looking forward to this day for the past few years. I was hoping against hope that the going away party would not start until there was a signed contract. I was afraid something like this would happen.

If it's not too late, please, all you writers with wit, pundits of pride and whiskey-sipping worriers, hold off on your celebratory high-fiving and door slamming until we are assured there is a signed contract in hand, a letter of resignation formally submitted and possibly followed up by a letter of appreciation (signed by all three certified members of the little known but seriously devout Presidential Fan Club).

Then and only then should we relax and let the penning of the obligatory "I told you so" letters begin.

Now, just hush everyone.

Steve Sulland

Grand Forks