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North Dakota Senate moves along amended cottage foods bill

BISMARCK - The North Dakota Senate passed an amended bill Friday on the state's cottage foods law.

Backers of Senate Bill 2269 say it would make North Dakota the second least restrictive state for cottage foods — behind Wyoming — while adding definitions for "clarity and conformity."

Opponents criticized the original bill for being too onerous, as well as for its labeling and transport requirements. Sen. Jerry Klein, R-Fessenden, introduced the bill, which left the Senate Agriculture Committee on a 5-1 "do pass" recommendation.

The bill passed 42-2 on Feb. 15.

Cottage food proponents clashed with the state health department over a rule making process to address intent and definitions in the law. No rules came forth in 2018.

Sen. Janne Myrdal, R-Edinburg, carried the bill Friday, which included amendments requiring freezing for time- and temperature-controlled cottage foods — such as pies and kuchen — that are transported for sale, but exempting washed eggs which must, instead, be refrigerated.

The bill allows the sale of uninspected, raw poultry and eggs if the producer slaughters no more than 1,000 poultry in a year. Raw poultry would have to be sold frozen.