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Letter: Herald, inform your readers on all aspects

I have read the paper since I was a child, starting with the cartoons, looking at cute puppies to beg my parents for, or even just movie times. While in school in Grand Forks, we often used materials and articles throughout my education in a way that truly helped engage in topics that are difficult to comprehend as a young growing mind. Throughout high school I often read the sports section looking for articles by the Herald's Tom Miller (a Red River native, same as me) on athletics around the region.

As I grew older, I read daily and I became more intrigued by other in-depth topics. While I began getting into politics and economics, reading the Herald was where I began the search on the topics.

Reading along with other sources, I was really disappointed on the true representation of what is fully online for each situation. This division you're fueling is by not coming down hard but even on both. In fact it's taking a very right turn without informing the citizens of Grand Forks accurately and how it will affect them. People voting are voting for candidates willing to take away health care that is keeping them alive. I am also one of these people that need this to live. Not to get by but to wake up and breathe air into my lungs.

In regards to the oil pipeline, as a former petroleum engineer, you focused so hard on the individuals protesting; that needed to be, but you left no space for how it could affect us beyond. A small spill could ruin or cause tremendous ecological damage to the land, wildlife and water of North Dakota. All this fell upon deaf ears because local media outlets focused on the protest.

Not to mention the lack of criticism in regards to the Trump administration literally allowing an economical attack.

As a newspaper that is trying to be credible on all aspects, I would hope you'd have more concern informing readers completely on all topics. I hope to see a strive for transparency and complete honest facts.

Jacob Harms

Grand Forks