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Letter: Court should not be political football

To the editor,

A letter writer in Sunday's Herald urges us to stop bickering about the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. I would point out that this "bickering" uncovered the fact that he'd perjured himself at least twice in his previous hearings with the Senate. Not that lying seems to matter much to Republicans nowadays.

The sad thing is when Mitch McConnell and the Republicans refused to process President Obama's nominee for the court, they opened the door to turn the one part of our government that's supposed to be neutral into a political football.

It seems inevitable that another right-wing ideologue will be added to the court, and that will transform it into a branch of the Republican Party and a rubber stamp for corporate America. If "we the people" ever get smart enough to take back our government, the Supreme Court will be an obstacle instead of an asset.

Tom Osowski

Minto, N.D.