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Pembina County sheriff's deputy cleared in domestic abuse case

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Cavalier, ND (WDAY-TV) — A Pembina County Sheriff's Deputy has been cleared in a domestic abuse case.

The investigation took four months by the BCI.

It included interviews with both Pembina County Sergeant Brad Bowman and his ex-fiance Nikki Rohn - a review of physical evidence at the scene - and a close look at their cell phones.

Agents say they exhausted all possible leads in the investigation and have closed it with no charges.

Nikki Rohn shared these pictures with us back in April.

She claimed her ex-fiance Pembina County Sheriff Deputy Brad Bowman attacked her when she tried to leave him.  

Bowman denied the allegations saying he never touched her and she was attempting to manipulate the judicial system to get an advantage in a custody battle.

They have a child together.

The Cavalier Police Department and Pembina County prosecutors turned over the investigation to the B-C-I to avoid conflicts of interest.

Based on that four month investigation - a prosecutor from Nelson County and another from McHenry County both reviewed the case and reached this conclusion.

“We have made the determination that we do not believe that there is evidence to convict Bradley Bowman or Nicole Rohn of any criminal activity.”

WDAY Reporter Matt Henson reached out to both prosecutors--both declined to comment on what Rohn was under investigation for, and what charges she may have faced.

WDAY also spoke with the Pembina County Sheriff today about Sgt. Bowman's future with the department.

He said Bowman remained on administrative leave for the length of the investigation.

But he resigned from the department last week citing personal reasons.