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Letter: Op-ed shows US is a divided country

To the editor,

An op-ed published by the The New York Times has created a rash of criticism against the author accusing him/her of treason, cowardliness, etc. Considering the turmoil the country has been thrown into by the president, the op-ed is within the bounds of free speech. Nowhere does it advocate a violent overthrow of the president. It does urge Congress to use the 25th amendment to peacefully remove the president.

People seem to have forgotten that perhaps the first person to have betrayed our country was President George Washington. He was a British army officer and fought in the French-Indian war. He apparently became disillusioned, resigned his commission and returned home in 1775. He later joined the American army, defeated the British and became the father of our nation.

What Washington did was common among people at that time. Times were chaotic, somewhat like today. It is estimated that the people were divided, one-third American, one-third British and one-third neutral. We were a colony, not a united nation. It was not usual for people to change sides and as in our Civil War, brother fought brother.

Today we are truly divided.

Edward Halas

Grand Forks