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Letter: Hagerty also known for her kindness

As I read of Anthony Bourdain's kindness to longtime Herald food critic Marilyn Hagerty, I wanted to point out that she herself is known for her own acts of kindness.

It was 1975, and I was working for a new East Grand Forks weekly newspaper as a UND journalism student. My first assignment was to cover a public meeting, the City Council if my memory is accurate. Marilyn was there for the Herald and I sat beside her. She must have seen that I was nervous because she offered me a whispered running commentary about who was who and what the issues were.

After the meeting, she offered words of encouragement about my hopes for a journalism career and told me that I could call her if I had any questions as I was writing my article. That was just a small incident, but now as a retired English professor I still remember Marilyn's kindness more than 40 years later.

Julie Clark Simon

Cedar City, Utah