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A Grafton, N.D., mother's cry for help as bullying threatens daughter's life

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GRAFTON, ND -- A Grafton family struggling to keep their child healthy and in school. 

WDAZ's Kenneth Chase tells us why one parent says bullies are taking teasing too far. 

It's here at Century Elementary School where a local mom says her daughter is being bullied. The problem has gotten so bad, the family may have to move her to another school in order to save her life.

"We feel like we failed as parents. It's been tough," Ashley Mohagen Olivarez, Mom.

A mom worried for her 10-year-old daughter.

Reading her journal filled with painful concerns.

"She states how she's not like most girls, she's scared, she's different, she states she's not popular, she's weird" says Mohagen Olivarez. 

Ashley Mohagen Olivarez's daughter has dealt with bullies at school for the last couple years due to her psoriasis.

"She would break out from a rash and they're like, 'what's all over your face?' Well now it's to the point where they're teasing her about who she hangs out with," says Mohagen Olivarez.

But the mother of three is worried about her child's mental health -- after she drew this picture of an arm with a slit wrist.

"I have to worry about my 10-year-old doing this to herself. I just want help and I want people to know that this is not what this parent or child have to go through," says Mohagen Olivarez.

The family is working with teachers and the school's principal to make peace between the kids.

The Superintendent says guidance counselors discussions about bullying are part of the curriculum.

"We have an excellent counseling staff that works with kids that we go into the classroom with the curriculum on a regular basis. It's more prevalent in the elementary," Darren Albrecht, Superintendent.

The superintendent won't talk about this specific case, as the mother worries the school staff doesn't have enough empathy for her daughter.

"This little girl does not deserve this," says Mohagen Olivarez.

She's hoping parents in the community will talk to their children before someone gets hurt.

If not -- the family may be forced to take the 5th grader to another school about ten miles away in another town.

"She says that she wants me, her mom, she wishes that she would take her out and put her in a different school and a state because of the bullying," says Mohagen Olivarez.

A mother fighting for her child's life.