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Letter: Help those who can't do yard work

To the editor,

I think there is a real need to help the disabled seniors who can't shovel their snow or cut their grass.

We as a community need to step up and give a hand. There needs to be some kind of list of adults or older age children that would be available to help out. I am ready to pay for the services, and I'm sure others would be fine with that.

Being disabled and not able to shovel, I spent four days trying to find someone to help me. Now just imagine how you would be frustrated. Now add in dealing with disabilities and the frustrations are tripled. And then it turns to a feeling of just giving up.

Just pretend that you, as a person with no disabilities, now become old and can't lift a shovel. What would you do?

I know that as a community with such strength, we can find a solution. Maybe through a church or any group that can get it done. Let's go, Grand Forks, and show that our elderly and disabled are not a forgotten group. I thank you and I'm sure there are many feeling the same. Thank you again.

Nancy Roethler

Grand Forks