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Man charged with assaulting, spitting on police

A Grand Forks man is facing multiple felony charges after authorities say he threatened, assaulted and spit on police officers after being upset about having to take a urine test at a homeless shelter Tuesday.

Jeffrey Allen Shulzitski, 52, has been charged with four Class C felony charges: terrorizing, simple assault on an officer, preventing arrest and contacting law enforcement with bodily fluids. He also faces misdemeanor counts of simple assault and disorderly conduct.

According to court documents, Shulzitski became upset when asked for a urine analysis by staff members at the Northlands Rescue Mission and began to strike and scream at employees. Police caught up to Shulzitski across the street at a Valley Dairy convenience store, where they say he resisted arrest, kicked and threatened officers. He reportedly spit in an officer's face while being brought to a squad car.

He is scheduled to make an initial appearance Wednesday in Grand Forks County District Court. He has yet to be assigned an attorney.