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WSI survey: From 'Thank you for helping me' to 'Yes, you are that bad'

Excerpts from written comments on WSI July survey of the public, employers and medical community. The survey offered anonymity; one doctor signed his name.

Excerpts from written comments on WSI July survey of the public, employers and medical community. The survey offered anonymity; one doctor signed his name.

From N.D. Medical Association(22 responses out of about 1,200 survey recipients):

- "WSI has frequently failed its own mission."

- "WSI claims system .?.?. too complex for most of my patients."

- "Patients will receive better quality care if their cases are not micromanaged by WSI. .?.?. WSI presumes (it) is better qualified than the treating physician to decide (on) treatment."


- "Compensation (of medical providers) should be at least on par with .?.?. private insurers."

- "Providers have been largely left out of (WSI's) improvement process."

- ".?.?. patients' claims denied because of a bogus WSI policy (for which) .?.?. there is no medical basis."

- ".?.?. worst organization to deal with in my professional life. .?.?. Every question becomes a disagreement, every disagreement becomes a battle, every patient arrives angry and suspicious of their "care". .?.?. (Claims handlers) cannot even write a coherent paragraph in a letter. Yes you are that bad."

-- Philip Gattey, MD,

Medcenter One.

- "Not sure why you want me to rubber stamp this mission statement .?.?. Show me your results."

- "Have stopped accepting WSI at my office."


From legislators(Three responses from 20 members)

- "Low rates and dividends (for employers) are appreciated."

- "Many changes are needed in terms of legislation regarding protection of injured workers.

From businesses (Six responses from Motor Carriers Association and Chamber of Commerce members)

- "Public opinion (is) that at least some deserving injured workers don't get prompt and effective medical care, and that considering the healthy reserves WSI has that perhaps the 'fair compensation' needs to be re-evaluated to ease financial burdens."

- "Employers receive great benefits and monetary savings as a result of WSI protection (compared to other states).

- "Do more helping employers, especially small employers, develop (safety) programs."

From hospitals, nursing homes(52 responses, reflecting both their status as employer and health care provider):


- "Some individuals .?.?. use the system for personal benefit."

- "WSI has been providing a great service to the employees and employers."

- "(Claims handlers) don't respond to phone calls, etc."

- "Do more to combat fraud. We have an almost certain fraud case and they say they cannot investigate."

- "Claims analysts are very competent!"

- "Very pleased with the work done by the staff of WSI .?.?. Two of our employees abused the system .?.?. a lot of time passed before WSI confronted the issue."

- "As an employer we are very pleased with the electronic claim notice. Improvements .?.?. (have been made) in acting like an insurance company."

- "Lost wages compensation is very minimal."


- "Long wait now for pre-approvals processes for tests (needed) for prompt care."

From injured workers, general public(123 responses):

- "Basic coverage of work-related injures is outstanding"

- "Took your organization approximately six months to get the ball rolling on my claim. I was treated like a criminal."

- "I received no training. I paid the price for the accident that was not my fault."

- "Almost 70 days before I received any treatment."

- "WSI has been great for me from the beginning! It is a life saver!"

- "Very impressed with the speed (of WSI service)."


- "Employer tried everything possible to get the injury on my personal insurance. WSI and I had to fight him all the way."

- "Treat the injured worker the way you treat the employers.

- "WSI does not care."

- "Forms ... could be a lot more user friendly."

- "Thank you for helping me and I appreciate the time you spend with me and answering all my questions."

- "You can say anything in a mission statement but you will never do it with the group of criminals on staff."

- "Workers do not receive 'sure and certain relief.' "

- "Workers only receive care when WSI can't figure out a way to get out of (it.)"


- "Workers have been waiting years not only for compensation but for correct treatment."

- "(I am) being pushed off the system to become a 'telemarketer.' "

- (Stop) delays, denials of diagnosis, refusal of requested treatment, not trusting the physicians' judgment, constantly questioning and interrupting treatment."

- "Wish WSI matched their words with action."

- "They treat injured workers like they are lying or they got hurt on purpose."

- "Why is there no safety violation hotline?"

- "WSI doesn't care about work environments."

- "This survey is at best a waste of time."

- "Let insurance companies write WC policies."

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