Every person is resilient in a unique way. Ask not if I am resilient; ask, how am I resilient?

Spring paints the landscape green, but also invites creepy crawly creatures. One person who is busy in every town during the spring is the "bug man." A bug man is your lifesaver if you don’t particularly admire wasps, spiders and fire ants. The bug man is very comfortable with the bugs. But when it comes to medical stuff, he probably isn’t as savvy.

Richa, my wife, in her previous job, worked as a gynecology surgeon. She was very comfortable with stitches and surgeries, but if there were a mouse in the house, she would rather be in another house.

Both the bug man and Richa are strong in their own unique ways.

Today, think about your unique strengths. What makes you special?

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Are you flexible about your preferences? Can you quickly find the good in a difficult situation? Are you very creative? Are you great with numbers?

Aligning your daily work with your strengths is a recipe for success. Also, sometimes focusing on your strengths is a great first step to start working on your weaknesses.

Spend a little time thinking about your unique strengths today to grow them even more.

Excerpted from the book "That Makes Sense: Resilience-insights to lift your day."

Dr. Amit Sood answers questions about stress, resilience, happiness, relationships and related topics in his column. Email dearfriend@postbulletin.com.