My friend, Maka Boeve, has a lovely home, but not much room for a vegetable garden. With the help of some neighbor kids who want to grow vegetables to donate to a local food shelf, she created tiered gardens out of wooden pallets and some stairs.

If you want to try this project, you'll need a pallet, garden mesh, a staple gun, staples, potting soil and plants.

"Growing food is wonderful way for me to help get my family excited about eating vegetables," says Maka. "Without a lot of room, I'm able to grow herbs, lettuce, broccoli, peppers, cabbage, zucchini and tomatoes by using pallets."

A study from the University or Texas shows that kids who are involved in growing and learning how to cook vegetables at school may eat more of them. So I am an advocate of getting young friends and your families interested in growing produce. And pallets are a way to fit gardens into small spaces.

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