OK, I'll admit it. I occasionally phub, meaning I ignore my friends to check my phone in a social setting. I don't want to snub them, but sometimes the ping of a new notice is just too tempting to resist. It seems everybody does it now and then. And that may not be a good thing, as opting to check your phone may cause rifts in relationships.

Researchers from the University of Georgia found some common traits among people who tend to phub a lot. They found people may snub more if they're depressed or socially anxious.

"Some people who have high social anxiety or depression are more likely to be addicted to their smartphone,” said Juhyung Sun, lead author on the paper.

The study also revealed that agreeable people phub less frequently when they're with their friends. And that people tend to phub more when they're in a group. Maybe that means there's safety in numbers.

The researchers used surveys to collect data on phubbing. They say it's interesting that, even though most people in the study think checking your phone in a social setting is rude, they still do it.

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I guess you can't underestimate the irresistible and alluring power of the ping.

The paper was published in the journal Behavior and Information Technology.

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