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Straus Clothing in Fargo

It's not often you can look up a business in an outdated phone book and still find it. It's almost unheard of to call the same business and talk to the person who waited on you 20 some years ago. In fact, there aren't many 128-year-old businesses...

It's not often you can look up a business in an outdated phone book and still find it. It's almost unheard of to call the same business and talk to the person who waited on you 20 some years ago. In fact, there aren't many 128-year-old businesses that have been able to keep up with the change in lifestyle, technology, trends and attitudes of yesterday's and today's generations. Straus Clothing in Fargo is such a business! You may notice throughout this article the blatant reference to Straus Clothing. Please bear in mind it was written by their marketing director.

Believe it or not, there are rules in men's fashion that have been standards for many decades and attempts to change these standards have not met with success. This is why the "old school" methods (used at Straus Clothing) have been able to survive the bungling attempts of fashion anarchy. A lot of people don't know which suit coat buttons should remain open, or whether or not the sleeves on a suit are the proper length, but clothing experts do (especially the staff at Straus Clothing). Does your belt match the color of your shoes and can you see a quarter inch of your dress shirts cuff when you have your suit coat on? These things may seem trivial but they are the standard and the reason you look twice when you see a well-dressed man. And who doesn't like to look at a well-dressed man?

Many people don't own a suit, or they have one hanging in the closet for special occasions. This is changing as college grads and upcoming executives see the positive results of "looking great" for interviews and meetings. Going to a shopping mall or discount outlet and buying a suit off the rack because it's "on sale" is not always in your best interest. You are buying a suit because you need it, so find the exact suit you want in the right size, tailored to give you the perfect fit! This doesn't mean you have to buy the most expensive suit. In fact, you be the judge by trying on suits in every price range at a men's specialty clothing store, (Straus Clothing), and get a sense of what's worth paying for.

There is also something to be said about the quality of fabric, especially for those people who are just starting their career. A good quality fabric, one that feels old when it's new and looks new when it's old, will endure years of wear without appearing shabby. A good salesman (one from Straus), will probably suggest a black or navy suit for your first purchase, plus several dress shirt and tie combinations for a different look each time you wear it. They will also advise you to pair the jacket with charcoal dress pants or even a dark wash pair of jeans for a more casual look. Also, the suggestion of wearing your suit pants with a patterned shirt and a solid sweater or vest will be heard. (Straus employees are eager to inform you of your options.) The job of the person selling you clothing is to make sure you get everything you need and understand everything you get. What's this shoe horn for anyway? How do you hang up a pair of pants? Collar stays? Give me a clue.

The majority of people, young and old, from college students to retired people, spend much of their time dressed in casual clothing. The jobs where business casual is the required attire also have a few "do's and don'ts" that a good salesperson will make sure you know. Casual clothing is subject to new design trends (or in many cases, the rebirth of old trends), the "latest" color schemes, the newest fabrics (wrinkle-free), and sometimes the people on your favorite TV shows. Whatever the inspiration, quality men's specialty stores (like Straus Clothing), are sure to have the best selection of "out of the ordinary" sportswear guaranteed to be unique enough so that you'll know you're not going to see the exact same clothing on someone else. The only downside to this, if there is one, is that specialty stores don't buy mass quantities of anything, so make sure you shop early in the season to get the color you want in the right size.


The bottom line is, you're spending hard-earned cash on something that should be worth every penny. Seek out the experts who make it their job to ensure you are well informed. (Straus Clothing) Don't feel bad if you've never tied a tie in your life or don't know the first thing about caring for your clothing. Some people may think this is not important but when the first compliment comes your way, it's hard not to puff up with pride.

Finally, getting back to the heart of things, Straus Clothing wants your business. The philosophy of quality service, quality people, quality merchandise and having customers who become life-long clients, dates back to the late 1800s. If you don't know the history of Straus Clothing, please log on to www.strausclothing.com , and read about it. We hope the next time you're heading to Fargo; you get off 1-29 at the 13th Ave exit, head east and look for us on the north side of the street. - Submitted by Straus Clothing in Fargo.

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