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Saturday's Catfish Incredible Tournament results

Place--Team--Names--City/State--Sat. Total 1--130--Pat Carter and Travis Carter, Jefferson, SD--46.46 2--106--Darrell Utzinger and Jeff Twomey, East Grand Forks, MN and St. Paul, MN--46.32 3--75--Gordon Graetz and Cody Graetz, Arvilla, ND--45.79 ...

Place--Team--Names--City/State--Sat. Total

1--130--Pat Carter and Travis Carter, Jefferson, SD--46.46

2--106--Darrell Utzinger and Jeff Twomey, East Grand Forks, MN and St. Paul, MN--46.32

3--75--Gordon Graetz and Cody Graetz, Arvilla, ND--45.79

4--127--Phillip Jeffrey and Jason Karo, East Grand Forks, MN and Warren, MN--45.72


5--55--Marty Berg and Jon Brundin, Grand Forks, ND--42.66

6--79--Bill Murray and Heath Hodgson, East Grand Forks, MN--41.98

7--142--Brandon Oby and Chris Dolan, St. Thomas, ND and Crystal, ND--41.77

8--8--Jim Yowell and Larry Yowell, Chillicothe, MO and Kirksville, MN--40.83

9--47--Nathan Mytych and Aaron Johnson, Grand Forks, ND--40.52

10--70--Gary Mounce and Bonnie Mounce, Nebraska City, NE--40.42

11--139--Gary Grosz and Darin Grosz, Grand Forks, ND and Elbow Lake, MN--40.08

12--6--John Sonstegard and James Nordlof, Baudette, MN--39.95


13--99--Billy Cariveau and Marty Cariveau, Fargo, ND and East Grand Forks, MN--39.33

14--77--Harvey Akridge and Shelly Schumacher, Grand Forks, ND and Reynolds, ND--39.07

15--30--Iver Hensrud and Lee Hensrud, Mekinock, ND and Grand Forks, ND--39.02

16--46--Jesse Weber and Troy Weber, East Grand Forks, MN--38.13

17--121--Kevin Weber and Kyle Weber, East Grand Forks, MN--38.12

18--126--Ben Moen and Brent Newman, Grand Forks, ND--37.38

19--31--Brian Horner and Shane Gador, Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN--37.01

20--135--John Howard and Ralph Miller, Grand Forks, ND--36.57


21--9--Jeff Johnson and Curtis Havis, Grand Forks, ND--36.28

22--110--Donald Oster and Ryan Oster, Grand Forks, ND--35.95

23--25--Jamie Gudajtes and Kevin Gietzen, Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN--35.87

24--147--Richard Nelson and Michael Levy, Grand Forks, ND--35.44

25--19--Alex Vournas and Eric DeBilt, Thief River Falls, MN--35.18

26--131--William Crocker and Joel Tangen, Grand Forks, ND --35.05

27--149--Kevin Boushee and Bennett Boushee, East Grand Forks, MN--34.66

28--64--Thomas Gradzieleski and Matthew Macguire, Drayton, ND and Grand Forks, ND--34.54


29--93--Tom Walters and Alex Heng, Nebraska City, NE--34.53

30--143--Tony Weber and John Anderson, East Grand Forks, MN--34.32

31--28--Cason Weber and Phillip Hartwig, East Grand Forks, MN--34.25

32--115--Ken Cremers and Greg Cremers, Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN--33.86

33--65--LeRoy Swenson and Kevin Swenson, Moorhead, MN and Hallock, MN--33.65

34--73--Bob Anderson and Wade Anderson, East Grand Forks, MN--33.22

35--113--Ken Coauette and Jim Perkins, East Grand Forks, MN--33.07

36--41--Shannon Martin and Cury Quesnell, Thief River Falls, MN and Newfolden, MN--32.70


37--72--Tim Gomez and Daryle Gomez, Lincoln, NE--32.65

38--42--Wade St. Germain and Phil Sillanpaa, Argyle, MN and Newfolden, MN--32.33

39--96--Raymond Lee and Eric Thompson, Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN--32.32

40--62--Casey Clement and David Clement, East Grand Forks, MN--32.21

41--23--John Nordine and Tammy Nordine, Grand Forks, ND--32.03

42--118--Conway Haskins and David Martin, Grand Forks, ND--31.91

43--67--Allen Hilligoss and Brian Block, Lincoln, NE--31.55

44--37--Garret Hjelle and Reed Hjelle, East Grand Forks, MN--31.48


45--13--Billy Newland and Tyler Newland, Alvarado, MN --31.39

46--98--Chris Taylor and Mike Taylor, East Grand Forks, MN--30.69

47--58--Mike Boushee and Mark Anderson, Grafton, ND--30.64

48--32--Mark Lierz and Bill Phillips, Pawnee City, NE--30.36

49--81--Josh Burgett and Michael Elsberry, Grand Forks, ND --30.34

50--120--Paul Cariveau and Mervyn Rud, East Grand Forks, MN--30.20

51--33--Tom McDonald and Sarah McDonald, East Grand Forks, MN--30.16

52--1--Chad Erickson and Jeremy Grove, Climax, MN--30.07

53--141--Dwaine Rud and Greg Winskowski, Stephen, MN--29.75

54--24--Justin Waters and Tim Lafferty, Grand Forks, ND--29.64

55--124--Jason Schiller and Steve Quam, Grand Forks, ND and Roseville, MN--29.59

56--40--Merle Hoverson and Jeffrey Zack, East Grand Forks, MN--29.38

57--97--Martin Magnuson and Jeff Zejdlik, Grand Forks, ND--29.19

58--129--Ernie Friedrichs and Kristie Friedrichs, Eden Prairie, MN--29.01

59--5--Shane Feltman and Marv Feltman, Grand Forks, ND --28.58

60--89--Michael Bruggeman and Scott Enright, Erskine, MN and East Grand Forks, MN--28.49

61--84--Jeff Bertsch and Gary Johnson, Grand Forks, ND and Fargo, ND--28.31

62--43--Jason Gagnon and Tyler Gagnon, Grand Forks, ND--28.27

63--146--Brad Nelson and Kim Nelson, East Grand Forks, MN--28.06

64--69--Larry Vanderhoff and Linda Vanderhoff, Grand Forks, ND--28.03

65--137--Bruce Nelson and Brian Nelson, East Grand Forks, MN--27.96

66--102--Adam Olson and Joe Winkels, Grand Forks, ND--27.86

67--54--Troy Srnsky and Zach Srnsky, Warren, MN--27.41

68--112--Dave Thompson and Jayson Deziel, Grand Forks, ND--27.32

69--101--Ryan Rogalla and Dave Vigen, Thief River Falls, MN and Grand Forks, ND--27.28

70--4--Larry Barrow and Joel Barrow, Lincoln, NE--26.92

71--36--Perry Gagnon and Alfred Gagnon, Grand Forks, ND--26.29

72--38--Dan Messelt and Tyler Messelt, East Grand Forks, MN--26.14

73--123--Chuck Gust and Teri Hammarback, East Grand Forks, MN--25.75

74--2--Randy Galstad and Jason Mack, East Grand Forks, MN--25.68

75--44--Marv Robinson and Todd Biederman, Battle Lake, MN--25.66

76--53--Jeff Heath and Eric Heath, East Grand Forks, MN and Alvarado, MN--25.38

77--122--Terry Meland and Christian Meland, Grand Forks, ND--24.86

78--111--Michael Johnson and Rita Feltman, Drayton, ND--24.80

79--20--Wilbur Vanderhoff and Donald Vanderhoff, Glendale, AZ and Clewiston, FL--24.59

80--88--Steve Litzinger and Tony Litzinger, Grand Forks, ND and Middle River, MN--24.42

81--116--Joshua Soeby and Mark Soeby, Grand Forks, ND--23.85

82--7--Tom Simmons and Jonathan Simmons, Cavalier, ND and Minneapolis, MN--23.71

83--16--James Benson and Brian Rud, East Grand Forks, MN and Grand Forks, ND--23.57

84--140--Steve Abbey and Andrew Lamoureux, East Grand Forks, MN and Grand Forks, ND--23.50

85--136--Paul Lovelace and Brock Sutherly, Grand Forks, ND and GFAFB, ND--23.40

86--134--Jason Hilde and Donn Hilde, Grand Forks, ND--22.95

87--50--Marc Stennes and Tyler Graetz, Reynolds, ND and Grand Forks, ND--22.91

88--90--Darwin Lunski and Branden Lunski, Grand Forks, ND--22.52

89--18--Jeff Jordheim and Scott Jordheim, East Grand Forks, MN--21.65

90--49--Jason Berger and Dennis Larsen, Grand Forks, ND and Crookston, MN--20.10

91--83--Dustin Lunski and Fred Liebsch, Grand Forks, ND--19.94

92--107--Brian Droge and Jordan Droge, Du-Bois, NE--19.91

93--61--Daniel Connors and Dana Connors, Bode, IA--18.84

94--78--Gerald Litzinger and Steve Walsh, Grand Forks, ND and Meckinock, ND--18.69

95--86--Larry Dorsch and Tim Hager, Auburn, NE--18.57

96--35--Mark Swenson and Jerry Wenzel, East Grand Forks, MN and Randall, MN--17.95

97--45--Jacob Ostgard and Randy Ostgard, Grand Forks, ND--17.89

98--114--Cory Stejskal and Tim Koski, Grand Forks, ND--17.52

99--59--Bob Wasylow and Cody Wasylow, Grand Forks, ND--17.01

100--60--Kevin Frolich and Jerry Sersland, Grand Forks, ND--16.91

101--87--Marc Kurz and Tyler Murphy, Thompson, ND--16.76

102--71--Shawn Mager and Kenneth Narlock, East Grand Forks, MN and Grand Forks, ND--16.74

103--92--Jarid Boushee and Beau Abbey, Oslo, MN and Grand Forks, ND--16.69

104--132--Pat Bushaw and Janell Bushaw, Manvel, ND--16.26

105--3--Rich Longoria and Tim Brooks, Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN--15.92

106--105--Kris Newman and Brian Stennes, Grand Forks, ND--15.74

107--150--Nick Brekke and Brad Abbey, Baudette, MN--15.73

108--21--Mike Howard and Joe Miller, Grand Forks, ND--15.59

109--91--Michael Hedlund and Paul Hedlund, East Grand Forks, MN and Maple Grove, MN--15.21

110--10--Charles Olson and Brandon Olson, Grand Forks, ND--13.49

111--15--Tom Gennes and James Hallick, Warroad, MN and Grand Forks, ND--13.16

112--95--Jeff Sime and Jade Sime, Grand Forks, ND--13.03

113--104--Ronald Willings and David Willings, Grand Forks, ND--13.01

114--12--Kelly Clement and Greg Schleif, Prior Lake, MN and Grand Forks, ND --12.87

115--17--Randy Byzewski and Pat Lothspeich, Dickinson, ND and Grand Forks, ND --12.81

116--108--Jack Johnston and Rob Raymond, Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN--12.64

117--34--Chris Hanson and Randahl Hanson, Minnetonka, MN and Crookston, MN--12.10

118--133--Mick Messelt and Shawn Aaker, East Grand Forks, MN--10.92

119--48--Lee Bell and Phil Tomaselli, Grand Forks, ND--10.65

120--119--Rusty Miller and Bruce Mosher, Redwood Falls, MN and Beltrami, MN--9.91

121--11--Karry Kyllo and Pam Kyllo, Grand Forks, ND--9.76

122--85--Bradley Nelson and David Nelson, Drayton, ND and Moorhead, ND--9.09

123--51--Rod Huot and Stephen Huot, Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN--8.14

124--144--Brent Melsa and Calvin Anderson, Crookston, MN--7.82

125--66--Victor Moreno and Daniel Moreno, Hoople, ND and Grafton, ND--7.51

126--103--Terrence Anderson and Steve Keller, Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN--6.88

127--125--Tom Westra and Ann Westra, Moorhead, MN and Hallock, MN--6.68

128--76--Jeff Rusling and Noel Rusling, East Grand Forks, MN and Crookston, MN --6.61

129--80--Thomas Hanson and Eric Hanson, Grand Forks, ND and West Fargo, ND--4.45

130--82--Tim Pesch and David Pesch, East Grand Forks, MN--4.36

131--29--Jared Lothspeich and Mark Lothspeich, Grand Forks, ND--4.35

132--128--John Lindquist and Daniel Lindquist, Grand Forks, ND and Thief River Falls, MN--3.73

133--117--Allen Lafave and Chad Lafave, Grand Forks, ND--2.75

134--26--Richard Newman and Tyler Newman, Grand Forks, ND--2.71

135--109--Greg Micko and Scott Garner, Cottage Grove, MN and Cabridge, MN--2.01

136--100--Allen McCurry and Aaron Gjerswold, Alvarado, MN and Grand Forks, ND--1.91

137--27--Bethany Kurz and Brent Nesdahl, Thompson, ND and Emerado, ND--1.90

138--14--Carter Narum and Chris Narum, Grand Forks, ND and Horace, ND--0.00

139--22--Ben Litzinger and Andrew Erickson, Grand Forks, ND--0.00

140--39--Randy Miller and Jerome George, Grand Forks, ND--0.00

141--52--Kyle Howard and Danny Howard, Firth, NE and Sioux Falls, SD--0.00

142--56--Jason Hillhouse and John Kallock, Oslo, MN--0.00

143--57--Mike Laschkewitsch and Steve Pich, Grand Forks, ND and Mandan, ND--0.00

144--63--Lee Kohl and Mike Stauss, Emerado, ND and Grand Forks, ND--0.00

145--68--Andy Markel and Nathaniel Kuehl, St. Thomas, ND and Moorhead, MN--0.00

146--74--Geoff Swenseid and Hunter Swenseid, Stephen, MN--0.00

147--94--William Nowatzki and Carol Abernathy, Edinburg, ND and Grand Forks, ND--0.00

148--138--Ryan Eggen and Shannon Beaker, Oslo, MN--0.00

149--145--Michael Haney and Wilbur Haney, Beatrice, NE--0.00

150--148--Wayne Pietruszewski and Bob Clement, East Grand Forks, MN and Cross Lake, MN--0.00

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