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N.D. CLASS B REGION 2 At Mayville State Today's quarterfinals

Drayton-St. Thomas Record: 26-9, third in District 4. Coach: Dale Droske. Recent region history: Drayton-St. Thomas is making its second straight region appearance. Blue Knights' starting lineup: Sr. S Houston Scharmer (481 assists) or jr. S Kall...

Drayton-St. Thomas

Record: 26-9, third in District 4.

Coach: Dale Droske.

Recent region history: Drayton-St. Thomas is making its second straight region appearance.

Blue Knights' starting lineup: Sr. S Houston Scharmer (481 assists) or jr. S Kallie Lunde (264 assists), sr. MH Sarah Passa (273 kills, 165 blocks), fr. MH Jennifer Gallagher (121 kills), jr. OH Samantha Baldwin (221 kills), sr. OH Jodi Gallagher (373 kills), sr. RH Jenna Scharmer, soph. libero Emily Schuster.



Record: 27-9, second in District 3.

Coach: Jamie Rerick.

Recent region history: Hillsboro returns to the region tournament after a one-year absence.

Burros' starting lineup: Sr. S Mary Huotari (432 assists, 114 digs, 39 service aces), sr. MH Ashley Haines (292 kills, 185 digs, 54 blocks, 26 service aces), sr. MH Kristen Eblen (164 kills, 47 blocks), sr. OH Kendra Leidholm (249 kills, 39 service aces, 137 digs), soph. OH Allison Bertsch (82 kills, 36 service aces, 156 digs), sr. RH Haley Ambuehl (83 kills), sr. libero Megan Mueller (265 digs).

Park River/F-L vs. Hatton-Northwood 20 minutes after conclusion of previous match

Park River/F-L

Record: 22-14, first in District 4.


Coach: Donna Galloway.

Recent region history: Park River has never missed qualifying for a regional tournament.

Aggies' starting lineup: Soph. S Katelyn Waslaski (369 assists, 147 digs, 45 service aces), jr. MH Jenny Heggen (370 kills, 52 service aces, 184 digs, 38 blocks), soph. MH Andrea Swartz (126 kills, 46 blocks), sr. OH Kallie Erickson (120 kills, 23 blocks), fr. OH Lexi Erickson (84 kills, 39 service aces), jr. RH Kayla Lee (321 assists, 49 kills, 37 service aces, 137 digs), sr. libero Stephanie Rehovsky (37 service aces, 446 digs).


Record: 14-21, fourth in District 3.

Co-coaches: Lori Pederson and Kelda Rerick.

Recent region history: A third-year co-op, Hatton-Northwood is making its third consecutive region appearance. The Thunder finished second in the region last season.

Starting lineup: Sr. S Alise Lloyd (168 assists, 299 digs, 24 service aces), sr. MH Abby Reiter (259 kills, 47 blocks, 303 digs), jr. MH Maddie Kent (98 kills, 52 service aces), sr. OH Alyssa Aaland (127 kills, 39 service aces), jr. OH Jaden Johnson (60 kills), sr. RH Taylor Hanson (65 kills), soph. libero Beth Segerholm (336 digs).


Mayville-Portland-C-G vs. Minto, 6 p.m.


Record: 26-10, first in District 3.

Coach: Amanda Molacek.

Recent region history: The Patriots have been top-four placers in the region tournament eight straight seasons, including third in 2005.

Patriots' starting lineup: Sr. S Michelle Kraling (429 assists, 68 service aces, 202 digs), jr. MH Kristen Bakkum (155 kills, 54 digs), sr. MH Liz Reynolds (162 kills, 42 service aces, 113 digs, 29 blocks), sr. OH Kelly Rygg (184 kills, 26 service aces, 342 digs), jr. OH Jenaye Ingebretson (180 kills, 74 service aces, 433 digs), sr. RH Hannah Aasen (125 kills, 79 digs), sr. libero Colby Peterson (50 service aces, 475 digs).


Record: 13-16, fourth in District 4.


Coach: Ernie Barta.

Recent region history: Minto returns to the regional after a one-year absence.

Rockets' starting lineup: Sr. S Chelsey Barta (645 assists, 113 service aces), sr. MH Kristina Schuster (298 kills, 63 service aces, 105 blocks), soph. MH Sarah Schuster (329 kills, 81 service aces, 123 blocks), jr. OH Kim Vaudrin (71 kills), jr. OH Brittany Riskey (61 kills), jr. RH Amanda Barclay (480 digs).

Thompson vs. Cavalier 20 minutes after conclusion of previous match


Record: 30-10, third in District 3.

Coach: Lisa Strand.

Recent region history: The Tommies have been region qualifiers in each of Strand's 18 seasons as coach, winning eight region and four state titles. Thompson is three-time defending region and two-time defending state champion.


Tommies' starting lineup: Sr. S Erica Sponsler (493 assists, 22 service aces), sr. MH Tara Thompson (303 kills, 326 digs, 43 service aces), jr. MH Michon Kysilka (121 kills, 25 blocks), jr. OH Brittany Reineke (267 kills, 190 digs), sr. RH/OH Jami Stallard (155 kills, 48 service aces), sr. RH Danielle Argall (39 kills), sr. libero Emily Klamm (153 digs, 73 service aces).


Record: 28-9, second in District 4.

Coach: Kari Helgoe.

Recent region history: Cavalier is making its third straight region appearance, placing fourth last season.

Tornadoes' starting lineup: Jr. S Jenna Hanson (740 assists, 57 service aces), jr. MH Jeanna Sommer (343 kills, 65 blocks), sr. OH Sarah Stark (164 kills, 65 service aces), sr. RH Hannah Hillis (131 kills, 36 service aces), sr. OH Rebekah Duncan (171 kills, 72 service aces, 30 blocks), jr. MH Kayla Emerson (173 kills, 59 blocks, 55 service aces), jr. libero Lindsay Behm (203 digs) or sr. libero Lily Ratchenski (200 digs).

N.D. CLASS B REGION 4 At Devils Lake Today's quarterfinals

Langdon vs. Maddock, 1 p.m.



Record: 31-5, first in District 8.

Coach: Rich Olson.

Recent region history: Langdon has won eight straight region titles, winning the 2003 state championship and finishing third at state last season.

Cardinals' starting lineup: Jr. S Erin Barta (746 assists, 82 kills, 78 service aces, 156 digs, 35 blocks), sr. MH Kim Kjos (228 kills, 66 service aces, 71 blocks, 152 digs), soph. MH Courtney Becker (134 kills, 67 blocks, 76 digs), sr. OH Jenny Dinius (241 kills, 61 service aces), sr. OH Taylor Hart (275 kills, 70 service aces, 392 digs), soph. RH Ashley Hall (51 kills, 93 digs, 36 service aces), jr. libero Janae Klindt (63 service aces, 472 digs).


Record: 24-10, fourth in District 7.

Coach: JoLynn Jacobson.

Recent region history: Maddock is making its second straight region appearance.

Bobcats' starting lineup: Jr. S Kimberly Randle (592 assists, 33 service aces, 222 digs), jr. MH Jessie Schwanke (165 kills, 30 service aces, 464 digs, 103 blocks), jr. MH Courtney Foss (198 kills, 109 digs, 42 blocks), sr. OH Jalissa Hovland (247 kills, 68 service aces, 462 digs, 32 blocks), jr. OH Alisha Knutson (215 kills, 144 digs), or jr. OH Michelle Olson (310 digs), jr. RH Shannon Schloss (72 kills, 103 assists, 37 service aces, 331 digs), sr. libero Karlee Kallenbach (517 digs).

Rolla-Rock Lake vs. Wells County 20 minutes after conclusion of previous match

Rolla-Rock Lake

Record: 18-16, fourth in District 8.

Coach: Steve Dunrud.

Recent region history: Rolla-Rock Lake is making its 12th straight region appearance, finishing second last season.

Bulldogs' starting lineup: Sr. S Chelsea Unger (779 assists, 29 service aces, 188 digs), jr. MH Jackie McDougall (46 kills, 62 blocks), sr. MH Merrilee Hallaway (146 kills, 35 service aces, 119 digs, 107 blocks), sr. OH Ally Cahill (411 kills, 50 service aces, 286 digs), jr. OH Jessica Rush (273 kills, 37 service aces, 328 digs), jr. RH Anna Schleisman (43 kills, 27 service aces, 198 digs), sr. libero Bethany Haberstroh (421 digs).

Wells County

Record: 20-10, first in District 7.

Coach: Dale Peaslee.

Recent region history: Wells County is making its fifth straight region appearance, finishing fourth last year.

Bears' starting lineup: Sr. S Cara Bibelheimer (608 assists, 59 service aces, 184 digs), sr. MH KaDee Melby (383 kills, 53 service aces, 200 digs, 64 blocks), sr. OH Torrie Heintz (148 kills, 54 service aces, 217 digs), sr. OH Kelly Knodel (230 kills, 57 service aces, 175 digs), sr. RH Jaime Krahler (35 service aces, 153 digs), soph. backrow specialist Misty Rappuhn (50 kills, 26 service aces, 187 digs).

North Star vs. Harvey, 6 p.m.

North Star

Record: 24-7, second in District 8.

Coach: Marla Hagler.

Recent region history: North Star returns to the regional after a one-year absence.

Bearcats' starting lineup: Soph. S McKenzie Beck (796 assists, 133 digs, 32 service aces), jr. MH Nicole Larson (189 kills, 126 digs, 32 blocks, 26 service aces), jr. MH Brittany Wirth (336 kills, 123 blocks), sr. OH Megan Vote (179 kills, 183 digs, 29 service aces), jr. OH Sarah Pederson (140 kills, 215 digs, 46 service aces), soph. RH Jill Laturnus (62 kills, 137 digs), jr. libero Samantha Hendrickson (162 digs).


Record: 28-10, third in District 7.

Coach: Brenda Lang.

Recent region history: Harvey is making its fifth straight region appearance, repeating a third-place finish last season.

Hornets' starting lineup: Sr. S Jenna Kourajian (624 assists, 64 digs), soph. MH Amanda Stumpf (202 kills, 32 service aces, 113 digs, 43 blocks), jr. MH/OH Emily Huseth (224 kills, 27 service aces, 83 digs), sr. MH/OH Casey Seltvedt (295 kills, 33 service aces, 112 digs, 82 blocks), jr. OH Samantha Henne (101 kills, 58 digs), jr. RH Ashley Hurley (89 kills), sr. libero Crystal Patzer (98 digs).

Adams-Edmore vs. Lakota 20 minutes after conclusion of previous match


Record: 15-12, third in District 8.

Co-coaches: Christa Brodina and Sandy Hoff.

Recent region history: Adams-Edmore is making its second straight region appearance.

Prowlers' starting lineup: Sr. S Stacey Nygaard (538 assists, 79 service aces, 31 kills), jr. MH Adrienne Thomas (236 kills, 19 service aces), fr. MH Tessa Zahradka (67 kills, 38 service aces), sr. OH Laura Bylin (253 kills, 32 service aces), sr. OH Emily Haugen (71 kills, 32 service aces), soph. RH Callie Bylin (28 kills, 35 service aces).


Record: 23-7, second in District 7.

Coach: Rob Ouradnik.

Recent region history: Lakota is making its third straight region appearance.

Raiders' starting lineup: Jr. S Courtney Anderson (558 assists, 61 service aces, 246 digs), sr. MH Kelli Dahl (193 kills, 28 blocks), jr. MH Marleigh Kuchar (222 kills, 52 service aces, 41 blocks), sr. OH Lori Johner (149 kills, 155 digs), jr. OH Hannah Ritteman (150 kills, 183 digs), jr. RH Erin Haugland (147 kills, 140 assists, 136 digs, 20 blocks), jr. libero Ashley Sundre (392 digs).

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