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January quiz: As if this cold wasn't enough . . .

State and federal governments went into session in January. All that hot air was one explanation for the warm, snowless month - not counting its last week.

State and federal governments went into session in January. All that hot air was one explanation for the warm, snowless month - not counting its last week.

Meanwhile, President Bush's approval rating plummeted faster than the No. 1-ranked Ohio State football team did against Florida. And Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell had an ugly spat, leaving us bystanders with no side to take.

To determine how much else you remember from last month, please proceed with the January News Quiz. If you fail to take the quiz, I will send a tow truck to impound your newspaper. And it will cost you a lot of money to get your newspaper out of the impound lot.

1. Minnesota enforcement officers raided Whitey's restaurant Monday because:

A) They wanted to confiscate four antique slot machines.


B) They wanted to confiscate dice.

C) They wanted to confiscate the cup for the dice.

D) They couldn't find any jaywalkers to arrest.

2. Grand Forks had a record year for construction in 2006. Why was there even more construction than during post-flood recovery years?

A) UND had $41 million in construction, a near-record.

B) Interest rates remained low, encouraging building.

C) Many major commercial projects, like Canad Inns hotel.

D) Local skeptics, who once said, "Hell will freeze over before Canad Inns builds," constructed well-insulated homes to stay warm.


3. The month's worst news about Minnesota pro teams was:

A) The Minnesota Vikings missed the playoffs.

B) The Minnesota Wild couldn't win road games.

C) Minnesota Timberwolves coach Dwayne Casey was fired.

D) Vikings coach Brad Childress wasn't fired.

4. UND President Charles Kupchella announced that he would retire in a year. In retirement, he'll be most pleased about:

A) UND enrollment growth during his years.

B) UND research money growth during his years.


C) UND construction growth during his years.

D) Being able to leave the Sioux nickname issue behind.

5. Gas prices in Grand Forks plummeted in January. Why?

A) A surplus of gas.

B) A gas war.

C) Marketing strategy of convenience stores to sell other items.

D) Gas station owners had no room left in their money vaults.

6. John Kerry announced he wouldn't seek a second bid for the White House. Why?

A) He wants to use his position in the new Senate majority to get United States out of Iraq.

B) Democrats have full slate of candidates.

C) His "botched joke" about getting stuck in Iraq damaged his image.

D) His announcement was the equivalent of Mini Me declaring he wouldn't be trying out for the basketball team.

7. It's back to the drawing board for the Grand Forks welcome sign proposed for the western edge of Gateway Drive. Why was it rejected?

A) Concrete structure considered too bland.

B) Design generated no excitement.

C) No other options were presented.

D) It lacked harmony with Gateway's junk car motif.

8. Grand Forks again was selected as one of the best 100 communities for young people by America's Promise. Why?

A) Little crime.

B) Strong educational system.

C) Many available activities.

D) Good cell phone reception.

9. Dave Monson of Osnabrock, N.D., has applied to become the nation's first licensed industrial hemp farmer. What in his background reassures officials that he won't use the hemp for illegal purposes?

A) He is a longtime farmer.

B) He's a school superintendent.

C) He's a state legislator.

D) He doesn't inhale.

10. Altru Hospital had a record number of births in 2006. Why?

A) The city is growing.

B) The city has more young adults.

C) Area hospitals closing birth centers.

D) With property taxes so high, couples can't afford to go out and instead stay home and entertain themselves.

Bakken reports on local news and writes a column. Reach him at 780-1125, (800) 477-6572 ext. 125 or rbakken@gfherald.com .

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