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Gadgets: Get automatic data backup with Clickfree

If you ever think of asking whether you should backup your digital data, don't bother: the answer always is yes. There are many products that help users back up their data. Clickfree automatic backup products offer one of the simpler solutions I ...

Clickfree automatic backup products, which are incredibly simple to use, surprisingly affordable and most importantly, will protect digital data. (Clickfree/MCT)

If you ever think of asking whether you should backup your digital data, don't bother: the answer always is yes.

There are many products that help users back up their data. Clickfree automatic backup products offer one of the simpler solutions I have found.

With this line of products, you simply plug in the hardware and the Clickfree smart software automatically finds the data and backs it up.

Users of both Mac and Windows systems can use the device, which measures about 4.52-by-0.67-by-2.9 inches.

As advertised, Clickfree is simple to configure and there is nothing to download. In addition, the products work with older hard drives you may have stashed in a closet or corner.


For me, all it took was connecting the Clickfree Transformer ($60) to my USB port and then to an external drive. From there all my data in my computer was automatically transferred. The processing time depends on how much data you have to be backed up.

Once connected on my Mac, I double clicked the icon on my desktop and set it up for a Mac system (You only have to do this the first time). From there, the software performed the backup.

Restoring files was just as easy. Users click on the "Search for Files" button, go to the drive with the backup data and select the item. Clickfree will then bring the data to a folder on the computer.

Each unit can back up the equivalent of data typically stored on up to 25 computers. The Clickfree products range in storage sizes of 120GB to 500GB and are priced from $90 to $170.

In addition, you can use also use the devices to back up the massive supply of music and videos on your iPod. Consider how long it too you to build your collection, not to mention the sum you spent purchasing the music or video files. Without Clickfree, your collection is one crash away from being destroyed.

The Clickfree Transformer for iPod is a $50 device that connects an iPod/iPhone to a computer for instant backup and can save you the worry of losing files you spent hundreds of dollars to assemble.

Also available is the credit card-sized Clickfree Traveler. This allows users to store up to 64GB of digital files in a pocket.

Traveler units are priced from $70 for the 16GB unit; $130 for 32GB and $220 for 64GB. The higher cost per GB is due to the small size and flash technology according to a company representative.


Once everything is backed up, files are listed by category: photos, music, e-mail, text docs, spreadsheets, presentations, artwork and drawings, video, favorite Web sites and others, making it super simple to find data.

Details: www.clickfree.com


The Cobra Deluxe Bluetooth headset is built with T5 Sonance Noise Cancellation Technology to block out outside and unwanted noise.

Users can wear the headset on either ear for crystal clear communication from an office or a noisy environment such as driving a semi-trailer.

The earpiece and microphone are connected to an over-the-head adjustable band. This enables the boom microphone to be positioned in the most comfortable and useful position possible.

Once paired with a Bluetooth 2.0-enabled phone, using the Cobra Deluxe is simple. Everything is controlled by a button for powering it on and off, along with volume control.

Cobra gives ratings of 8 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby for the headset, though the numbers may vary slightly. The unit can be charged via USB or A/C adapter with the included cables.


Details: www.cobrahandsfree.com


Great sound for a great price is what you get from Yurtopia, makers of custom fit earbud covers called Yurbuds.

Yurbuds _ essentially a cover that fits over standard earbuds, such as those that come with an iPod or Bluetooth devices _ turn standard earbuds into a custom fit and offer hours of comfort.

When attached, they help deliver the full frequency range of the sound being broadcast with much more comfort. This is especially helpful during activities or workouts with a lot of motion.

According to a recent e-mail from a Yurtopia company representative, they are based on a deep understanding of the human ear. Yurbuds have been designed by top audiologists and award-winning industrial designers and engineers, the company says.

To get the proper fit, the company requires a measurement of your ear size and shape in advance. Go to the company's Web site and upload a digital photo of your ear. Yurtopia will scan the image to determine the proper size.

Then, with custom fit users will get the proper sound and more importantly a proper fit.


Details: www.yurbuds.com , $19.99


Contact Gregg Ellman at greggellman@mac.com .

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