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FIRED UP ABOUT FAITH: Beth Moore bringing Bible enthusiasm to Fargo

FARGO Today's Christian magazine dubbed Beth Moore "one of America's top Bible teachers." The high-energy Baptist Texan has been all over the place: in simulcasts, at large-scale teaching events, on the best-seller list and over the airwaves. Now...

Beth Moore
Living Proof Ministries founder Beth Moore, a self-proclaimed "Army brat," was born in Green Bay, Wis., and now lives in Texas. Moore will be in town Friday and Saturday for a Bible teaching event. (Special to The Forum)


Today's Christian magazine dubbed Beth Moore "one of America's top Bible teachers."

The high-energy Baptist Texan has been all over the place: in simulcasts, at large-scale teaching events, on the best-seller list and over the airwaves.

Now she's coming to Fargo. Moore, accompanied by worship leader Travis Cottrell, makes her way to the Fargodome on Friday and Saturday to offer one of her Living Proof Live Bible teaching events.

Moore spoke with The Forum by phone this week about the Bible, her ministry and what she thinks she'll speak about while she's here.


Why does your ministry focus on teaching from the Bible?

BM: That's where my passion comes from, because personally that's been the absolute backbone of my relationship with God is that he used his word to begin to just light a forest fire in my spirit. ... If you find a treasure, you want everybody else to find it too. And I've come to know him through that sacred page and seen how he can cause it to speak to my life today, not just tell me Biblical history, but tell me what God is up to in my own life today. And it's been healing and power to me.

How did the Bible come to be so important to you?

I had already begun teaching a ladies' Sunday school class at my church, but I was so incredibly unsuccessful at it. ... But toward the end of it I've often said that it was God alone who sent me that write-up about a class that would be taking place at my church on a Sunday evening because he knew I needed it so badly. ... (W)hen I went to the class, and I saw a man with so much power in his life that I knew had been released through the revelation of Scripture, I knew, even if I didn't define it well, I knew I wanted it. And I began to pray that God would release that to me and that he would make a student out of me. And he just is still doing that to this day ... I love the word of God and it is life and breath to me.

Much of your work focuses on ministry to women. Why?

So much of it again goes back to how we're raised, and in the way that I was taught and trained and in the doctrine that was invested in me that's what women do: We minister to other women. And to me it was not an area of bondage. ... I'm so blessed if a guy feels like he's been encouraged in his faith. But ... my real passion is to see women just completely fall in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and begin to hear his voice through Scripture. So it's not been something I felt was imposed on me. ... It's just what I love. It truly is what I enjoy doing most.

How do you prepare for these kinds of large-scale teaching events?

One of the things that I have to do - any of us that lives a busy schedule ... I have to just take it as it comes. Very rarely do I think way ahead. It would have to be that God really wanted me to start meditating on a particular something for an event that I have in the next couple of months. Normally, the way that God and I do things is that when one thing is finished I turn my attentions to the next ... (God) begins to just shape an idea, maybe a phrase of Scripture, maybe a verse or a chapter, but he'll just draw my attention to it over and over ... if he continues to draw me back to that concept, by that time I usually know that's where we're heading in the next conference.


Is it a situation where what's going on in your own personal spiritual life is reflected in your public teaching?

Absolutely. No doubt about it. You know, because I'm going to be passionate about what's current with me. It's not that I don't ever give a testimony from what God did 20 years ago, 15 years ago, or 10. That's part of our life story. That's a wonderful thing to get to do. But more than anything, I'm hoping to share currently what I'm hearing from him. And I like to be as fresh as I can in my message. It's got its good side and bad side. Its good side is very rarely am I going to come up with much warmed-up material. I'm normally going to come to a group with what I pray to be, in most general respects, a brand new word, a fresh word to me. But the bad part of that ... is that can also mean that it's raw in a lot of ways, that I haven't gotten to necessarily just perfect the delivery of it. ... You know sometimes it's just like blurted out there, but it's fresh and it's going to come out of my own understanding of what I think God's trying to say so I'm just learning right along with them.

You seem to get excited in talking about your faith and about your ministry. Is that part of your personality in general or it specific to spiritual matters?

Well, I surely do hope it is a combination of both things because, you know, God forms you, he gives us our personalities and he puts all these factors together to make the servant that he intends. So I think he gave me a sanguine personality so that I would just have an excitement about life. You know, there's nothing like hearing a teacher that puts you to sleep. You know, who wants that? I don't want that. They don't want that either. But at the same time, I can't get excited about everything ... (T)here have been ... agencies that have asked if I would do this kind of a address for them or this kind of a pitch for what they stand for. And you know I can't get behind that. I don't just have a passion to speak; I have a passion for Scripture and a passion to see God's word come alive in real lives.

Are there portions of the Bible to which you are particularly drawn?

You know, as long as it is between Genesis 1 and Revelation 22, it is flat out game.

If you go

What: Living Proof Live with Bible teacher Beth Moore


When: 7 p.m. Friday and 8:30 a.m. Saturday

Where: Fargodome

Tickets: $60. To register, call (800) 254-2022 or visit www.lifeway.com/events .

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