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Antiques & Collectibles: Are today's collectibles, tomorrow's antiques?

Believe it or not the holidays are just around the corner. Makes me think of some of those gifts I received when I was in my 20s. Will they someday be an antique?...

Believe it or not the holidays are just around the corner. Makes me think of some of those gifts I received when I was in my 20s. Will they someday be an antique?

As I journey back over the years I can remember one Christmas season when I was pleasantly surprised with gifts that I never guessed I would receive. It was 1982 and I had so many packages under the tree. I must have been a good girl that year.

My turn came and I started opening gifts, as I did I became more and more surprised. In every box was a piece of Cape Cod Avon ruby red dishes. At the time I loved red and it accented my kitchen décor well. I received four plates, four coffee mugs, four wine goblets, a set of salt and peppers and one serving bowl.

Wow, I thought, this is great. I can set a table of four and have friends over for lunch. Although at that time in my life I never had friends over for lunch, I cherished these dishes and took very good care of them.

When my life took a new path I packed them away and was very glad that I saved the boxes for the plates and the coffee mugs. For some reason I threw the boxes for the rest. I think I threw them because my family thought I was out of my mind saving boxes. "Are you nuts? What are you saving those for? Throw them away," they would say. I disagreed. The boxes were hidden from my family so I would not have to explain why I would do such a crazy thing like save boxes. Every time I did my spring cleaning I would look at the boxes and say to myself, "Someday they will come in handy."


Now as any collector knows, if you have the original box, it's a bonus. Not only is it useful for storage, but it can sometimes help you identify your collectible. When it comes your turn to go down memory lane with the family heirlooms from Christmas past, it is my hope that you have a crazy relative like me who "saved the box."

I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised and very happy to find an original box to store your newly acquired treasure. As a collector and a dealer I am thrilled when I can find a collectible that actually has its original box.

In 1982 when I received these dishes (pictured) as a gift I never thought that someday they would be a cherished collectible. I never thought that someday these dishes could very well be an antique my children may be very happy to have in their home and use to entertain guests, or reminisce about past Christmastimes.

Now some history on Avon dishes taken from the Garage Sale and Flea Market Book. The Cape Cod by Avon was produced by the Wheaton Glass Co. and sold by Avon from 1975 until 1993. It was then discontinued as a gradual phase out process took place. Avon used several Cape Cod dinnerware pieces to fill with one or more of their fragrances. For instance the small cruets and the tall candlesticks were filled with their perfumes. The wine and water goblets were filled with scented candle wax. The dessert bowl was filled with scented soap.

I think my salt and peppershakers have perfume in them. Then to add to the campaign, tableware items were added such as plates, cake stands and water pitchers. The Avon dinnerware sets a stunning Christmas table for all the relatives. It also is great added to a table that is set with pink or crystal Depression glass.

I like to think that we can mix and match our tableware and use everything that we have stored away all year long. It adds such a great contrast to set a table with ruby red, pink and crystal dinnerware. Give it a try and see what the family thinks?

So if you ever wondered if your collectible would someday be your offspring's antique, wonder no more. It will happen. While going down memory lane with different customers it is a great to here how their childhood gifts are now in antique stores and are sought after collectibles.

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