There have only been six calendar days this winter season with a subzero temperature recorded in Fargo and only nine in Grand Forks. The record fewest for Fargo is 14 set in 1986-87 and 17 in Grand Forks set in 1997-98. The average for an entire winter is 48 in Fargo and 54 in Grand Forks.

Arbitrarily choosing 25 as a number roughly half of average, there have only been 11 years with fewer than 25 days with subzero temperature recordings in Fargo. There were two in the first 102 years of record from 1881-82 through 1982-83, and then nine in the 38 years since. This year will likely make 10. In Grand Forks, there was just one in the first 98 years of record beginning in 1893 and five in the past 38 years. Obviously, these winters with very little cold air are becoming increasingly common as the climate warms.

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