Today is the date of the average first subzero temperature of the winter in Fargo-Moorhead. What this means is that since 1881, half the winter seasons have had a subzero temperature on or before Nov. 28 and half the years it has been on or after today. The coldest temperature so far this season is 9 degrees back on Nov. 17.

For Grand Forks, the date of the average first subzero temperature is Nov. 24. The coldest temperature measured at the Weather Service Office in Grand Forks so far is 8 degrees Nov. 12 and again the 13th.

In our climate, the coldest temperatures in fall, winter and spring are almost directly related to the presence of snow. We had persistent snow cover in late October this year, but subzero temperatures are quite rare in October. November snows have been light and fleeting, bringing few opportunities for very cold nights.

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