On Saturday, Sept. 5, the temperature at the Rapid City Office of the National Weather Service reached 102 degrees. It warmed back up to 82 degrees on Sunday before a cold front arrived. The temperature fell continuously late Sunday through Monday and it began to rain Monday. Monday evening, rain turned to snow and 0.6 inches was measured before midnight. Talk about a flash freeze! That's two days from 102 degrees to measurable snow.

This is now the national record for the fastest transition from a temperature over 100 degrees to a measurable snowfall, breaking the record of three days set in Ardmore, S.D., in September of 1929. By calling this a record, it is meant that it is the shortest such transition ever officially recorded. To be sure, it is likely that such an amazing transition has happened before. Record or not, it is hard to know dress for weather changes like that!

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