MANVEL, N.D. — Whispering Oaks in Manvel received more than a foot of rain in about 72 hours earlier this month, causing the Turtle River to flood the course in historic fashion and tens of thousands of dollars in damage to the golf course.

Every spring the course floods from the thaw, but that's clean water. This flood included chemicals applied to nearby farm fields, and the muddy floodwaters choked out the grass on almost every fairway.

The fast-rising water made it impossible to save important pumping and irrigation equipment, and two bridges were also lost.

The owner said it would cost about $200,000 to fix the course, a price tag that had him considering shutting down.

But many in the region volunteered their time and equipment, getting the price tag to reseed the course down to $50,000.

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Members are trying to raise the money to reopen next season, not just for the owners but for the community.

"We just felt we needed to do something. They by no means have asked us to raise money for them; we have volunteered to try and raise the money for them to get them back to where they were pre-flood," said course member Chad Hoverson.

Those interested in sending donations to help pay for the golf course's repair cost can donate here.