Today is the summer solstice. The sun will be directly overhead at noon at 23.5 degrees North latitude. This is its northernmost position. Fargo and Moorhead are located at 46.9 degrees North latitude. This means that at our solar noon today (1:28 pm Central Daylight Time), the sun will be at an angle 66.6 degrees above the horizon. Straight up is 90 degrees, so the sun is about two-thirds the way to the top of the sky and that's as high as it gets all year at our latitude. Grand Forks sits at 47.9 degrees latitude so the sun will be about a degree lower than at Fargo.

Many cultures all around the world have been observing and celebrating the summer solstice, some for more than 10,000 years. Imagine your life without electric lights and you can see why ancient people paid so much attention to the length of day. For the next six months, the day length shortens; slowly at first, then increasing to more than three minutes a day in September.

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