The Grand Forks Greenway will be closed until further notice due to rising floodwaters and snow making the levees slippery. The Point Bridge on Minnesota Avenue also will close at noon Saturday, April 4, due to rising flood waters, according to a release from East Grand Forks.

After nearly 10 inches of snowfall in Greater Grand Forks, there were reports of Greater Grand Forks residents having trouble navigating the streets on Friday morning. City and county services were closed Friday due to the storm. City offices are already closed due to COVID-19, and essential personnel will continue to work as normal.

The Red River at Grand Forks reached moderate flood stages early Friday morning and was flowing at 40.54 feet around 6 a.m. The river at Grand Forks is still projected to crest around 46.6 feet early next week, with the crest expected to last beyond the current seven-day forecast.

Friday saw high temperatures of 22 to 28 degrees, and temperatures will continue to rise throughout the weekend, with possible highs of 38 to 56 on Monday. Warmer temperatures are expected to persist Tuesday, when snow and rain are forecast.

Snow totals

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Karlstad, Minn.: 10 inches

Cummings, N.D.: 9 inches

Hunter, N.D.: 8 inches

Hatton, N.D.: 8 inches

Badger, Minn.: 8 inches

Fargo: 7.5 inches

Mayville, N.D.: 7.5 inches

Page, N.D.: 7 inches.

Thompson, N.D.: 6.8 inches

Roseau, Minn.: 6 inches

Shelly, Minn.: 5.8 inches

Finley, N.D.: 5 inches

Harvey, N.D.: 4.5 inches

Hallock, Minn.: 4 inches

New Salem, N.D.: 4 inches

Cathay, N.D.: 4 inches

Bismarck: 3.6 inches

Backoo, N.D.: 1 inch

Source: National Weather Service in Grand Forks