The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a snowstorm for the period of March 16-24, but is it accurate?

The long-published booklet says “snowstorm, then snow showers, very cold" for that time period.

It turns out there is a pattern change coming next week that could possibly bring a storm up into the region, But let’s examine how well the Almanac’s forecasts have been doing with actual winter storms so far this season.

The first big storm of the winter season was right after Thanksgiving —Nov. 30 through Dec. 1. The Almanac’s forecast read, “Flurries, mild.” That’s a miss.

Fargo's biggest storm of the winter was Dec. 28 and 29. The Almanac’s forecast read, “Snow showers, mild" and was not even close to predicting the more than a foot of snow the area received from the storm.

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The forecast for February was for lots of snow and February turned out to be the seventh least snowy in 140 years.

With the Old Farmer’s Almanac having gotten the snow forecast for the region's entire winter dead wrong, there’s really no reason to think their forecast for the coming weeks will be right.

Even if it were to snow — even significantly, sometime next week — the Old Farmer’s Almanac would have been more lucky than right. Think of the guy at halftime who makes the half-court shot and wins a prize. It isn't likely that the Los Angeles Lakers will come calling.