GRAND FORKS — If there was any doubt about how brutal the weather is in this neck of the woods, taking one look at a picture of WDAY News Reporter Ken Chase will affirm it.

Chase was outside for about 15 minutes getting video of I-29 in Grand Forks Wednesday morning, Feb. 12, and was having a little trouble keeping his eyes open. When he got back into the car, he realized his eyelashes were freezing his eyes shut.

"I thought I felt my eye freezing shut, but dismissed it as me being dramatic," Chase wrote. "I got in the car and found this."

Although the situation made for a great photo, Chase says the snow actually melted quickly, and he was perfectly fine.

Chase is originally from Hawaii.

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"I have been here four years, and I think I probably overestimated how tough I am," Chase said. "Everyone should be careful in extreme weather conditions."