Every winter around holiday time, most of us begin to become annoyed by our own dry, cracked and irritated skin. It isn’t due to the weather outside, at least, not directly, but when it is cold outside, the humidity level inside becomes desert dry.

If the dew point of the outside air is around 5-10 degrees or lower, which is typical in winter, and we heat that air to 65 - 70 degrees inside, it becomes bone dry with relative humidity below 10 percent.

A few quick changes to the daily routine can make a difference. Shortening the length of time and decreasing the temperature of your shower will prevent the loss of natural oils from the skin. Moisturizing often will protect damaged skin and makes skin softer and smoother. Using a humidifier inside your home will help maintain the air moisture.

Of course, none of these methods would be as effective as a tropical vacation.

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