No surprise here! October was a cold and wet month in the Fargo-Moorhead area. The average daily high temperature was 48.7 degrees, which is 7 degrees cooler than the 30-year average. The average daily low temperature was 34.5 degrees, which is 0.6 degree cooler than average.

Although the days were more remarkable than the nights, together, the average daily mean temperature of 41.6 degrees is 3.9 degrees cooler than average.

Precipitation for the month was 3.78 inches which is 1.63 inches more than average. There were two distinct wet periods during October. From Oct. 2-5, 1.47 inches fell.

But the big storm of the month was the 1.83 inches that fell as rain and then snow from Oct. 9-13. Snowfall amounted to 4.5 inches, although amounts from one to two and a half feet were reported across central and northeast North Dakota.

Fargo recorded a peak wind gust of 52 mph during the height of the storm on Oct. 11. A higher gust of 55 mph was recorded Oct. 21.