Emails occasionally come into the weather office requesting that we meteorologists spend more time discussing "average" or "normal" statistics so that the public can better see how our ongoing weather compares with where it "should be." This is an important misunderstanding of how weather works.

Average is not what our weather is supposed to be. Average is merely the middle, technically the mean, over a period of time, of all the weather that has been warmer, colder, wetter, drier, etc. than average.

The average high in July in our region is in the lower 80s. However, we know that almost every July we have known has brought some days in the 90s, some days in the 80s, some days in the 70s, along with an occasional very hot or very cool day. Some July months will have more hot weather and some less, all of which is perfectly normal. The average is merely a reference point for comparative purposes.

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