Parts of the Northern Valley are in clean-up mode on Thursday, Sept. 5, after storms tore through several Minnesota towns, including Fosston which saw a recorded wind speed of 62 mph. In Erskine, where people expressed shock Thursday morning upon seeing the mess on Vance Avenue, at least one roof was partially ripped from a building and countless trees were snapped in half or uprooted by the wind. In McIntosh, a power line was felled to the ground and more trees throughout the town were torn in half.

"It kind of blew all over town. We had trees down and power lines so we had power outages and stuff like that," said Paul Noyes, a city maintenance worker in Erskine, where the National Weather Service calculated winds of more than 70 mph based upon the damage. "I heard it. The wind was terrible."

Inmates from the Polk County Jail were cutting up damaged trees in town on Thursday and leaving them at the end of driveways for city collection. Ottertail Power employees worked throughout the day to get electricity back for homes and businesses.

"We're lucky nobody got hurt," said Nordean Salverson, a resident of Erskine.