April showers bring May flowers, but maybe not this year.

Instead of rainfall, Grand Forks broke daily records for snowfall and the month was overall colder than usual, according to a National Weather Service report.

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There was about 6.9 inches of snowfall during April, which sits significantly above the norm of 1 inch. The snowiest April on record saw 12.6 inches of snow in 1894.

The report said there was about 1.95 inches of rain, which is also above the average 1.01 inch marker.

Daily snowfall records were broken on April 11 when 4.4 inches of snow beat out the 2008 record of 3.6 inches and again on April 12 when 2.4 inches of snow exceeded the 2 inch record from 1924.

The snowstorm on April 11 and 12 didn't qualify as a full-blown blizzard, but did drop an unusually large amount of snow on the region. It also closed roads throughout the storm. The snow was heavy and wet, and caused river levels to rise up again about a week after the crest.

Flooding in Grand Forks did not reach anticipated levels, with the Red River cresting April 12 over a foot lower than predictions.

The warmest day last month was the 24th, when temperatures hit 74 degrees. The lowest day came April 13, when temperatures dropped to 20 degrees. On average, it was 41.6 degrees throughout April, which is about 1.4 degrees colder than normal.

The chilly weather will continue into at least the beginning of May, with possible showers through Saturday and temperatures in the 30-40 degree range over the weekend.