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Some stretches of I-29 remain untouched following storm

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GRAND FORKS — A dangerous drive down I-29 has some people worried for their safety.

Video taken by our WDAY News team shows a stretch of highway covered in snow and looking practically untouched by snow plows hours after the storm had moved out.

WDAY News reporter Ken Chase spoke directly with the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

He joined us live to explain why some stretches were plowed while other areas of the interstate may take 9 hours to be reached.

It was a quiet night on I-29, but for some drivers - including school buses carrying athletic teams - it was white knuckle driving between Grand Forks and Fargo on Tuesday night, Dec. 11.

Icy roads, out of control semis crossing the median and cars in the ditch with no plows in sight.

A slippery stretch sent a handful of cars and semis into the ditch south of Thompson.

"The ice made me take it pretty slow," said driver Lynn Krumwiede.

This video taken by WDAY News shows 60 miles of unplowed interstate between Grand Forks and Grandin.

Drivers struggled to make it to their destination.

"It's still pretty intense not knowing how the conditions are going to be as you keep driving," Krumwiede said.

WDAY News has learned state plows stopped moving the snow around 7 p.m. Tuesday night because they don't have the money or the manpower.

It would be about nine hours before the trucks hit the interstate again.

People who regularly drive through the area worry it's a danger.

"I've heard just through other people that its a factor and they would like something done. Just because of the history of the highway," Krumwiede said.

It took Krumwiede about an hour and 45 minutes to make the drive from Fargo to Grand Forks on Tuesday night.

The Department of Transportation recommends drivers slow down and drive for the conditions because there will likely be no plow on the roads late at night.

"Take it really slow. Who cares if it takes you an hour to get home. Take it slow," Krumwiede said.

Drivers may have noticed plows near Fargo on Tuesday night. The Department of Transportation tells us the state legislature has made a night crew available to the metro area but not for those of us that live up north.