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Falling with style: How to avoid injury on the ice

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FARGO - As fall turns into winter, sidewalks turn into ice rinks. Mother Nature sends thousands of people to the emergency room with ice related falls each year.

Dr. Scott Grindel works at Sanford Sports Medicine and says it's like clockwork.

Grindel will see a spike in visits in the coming days because of the change in weather, and its slick grip on walkways and while it sounds contradictory- he says there is actually a safe way to fall.

“Anything you can do to brace that fall, you gotta think about where you're going to land and what's going to cause the most damage,” Sanford Sports Medicine Dr. Scott Grindel said.

It's like the saying for a fire - stop, drop and roll - but here -only the last part is up to you.

“Usually take the fall with the wrist, and then roll onto the forearm, and if you can, then roll onto the shoulder so the force is sort of dispersed," Dr. Grindel said.

Fractures and sprains heal faster, while head and back injuries are more severe and can last a lifetime.

“It's a split second and you don't have time to think about too much, but landing on your arm probably is the better thing to do," Dr. Grindel said.

One last defense against the ice comes before you actually leave in the morning - with the right pair of shoes.

Dr. Grindel says If you've hit your head - anything that seems out of the ordinary is a good sign you should head to the emergency room.

And any loss of motion, tingling, or crunching sounds to wrist and elbows - you should see the doctor.