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Two seasons, two jobs: Landscapers swamped with calls

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GRAND FORKS - If you look outside and see the bright leaves covered in snow, it looks like two seasons at once and area landscapers are doing two season's worth of work.

Landscapers say they've been swamped, responding to calls for fall and winter jobs.

The landscapers say they were already busy with fall projects - like winterizing sprinklers, so they don't freeze. Now on top of that, they're removing snow.

"At this point we're hoping for melt. We have a lot of projects open right now, landscaping projects that we need to get done for the year. We need about another 6 weeks of nice weather, so we're crossing our fingers,” Superb Services Landscape and Garden Center employee Tyson Bohlman said.

Here's a tip from the guys with the green thumbs, if the snow does melt, rake your leaves before the next time it snows, they say it'll make your grass look better in the spring.