Weather Forecast


El Nino conditions likely across region throughout winter

MINOT, N.D. -- The Climate Prediction Center issued its latest three-month weather outlook Thursday, Sept. 20, and chances of a colder than normal winter are minimal.

The CPC rates nearly all of the United States, North Dakota included, as having a better than average chance of experiencing a warmer than normal winter. Precipitation, says the CPC, should be about average through the end of December.

The CPC continues its issuance of an El Nino Watch, saying there is a 50-55 percent chance of El Nino conditions influencing the region’s weather through November and a 65-70 percent chance of El Nino influence beginning as early as December and continuing well into 2019. This history of El Nino events, a warming of Pacific Ocean temperatures, is that winter temperatures in North Dakota are generally above average and snowfall below average.

Currently, says the CPC, El Nino indicators remain somewhat neutral, "a blend of slightly above-and-below average sea surface temperatures."