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Sunday storms damage buildings in Polk County

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A Sunday-night storm caused significant damage in southeastern Polk county, but minimal harm in the Grand Forks area, officials said.

A press release from the Polk County Sheriff said Winger, Minn., was extensively damaged and experienced a power loss during the storm. A Verizon cell phone tower and several trees were downed near Fosston, the release said.

A gas line leak involving a grain dryer at the CHS Elevator in Winger prompted a temporary evacuation of nearby residents on Sunday, according to the release. Homes, outbuildings and vehicles in the town were also harmed, the release said.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Dan Riddle said Fosston experienced winds of about 66 mph. Portions of Polk County were under a tornado watch Sunday and Riddle said investigators are working to determine if the damage was the result of a tornado. He said there were no reported sightings Monday morning.

Riddle said there was about a half-inch to just over an inch of rain throughout northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.

In Grand Forks, winds reached about 46 mph at the airport, Riddle said. While there may be some branches down, he said there weren’t any reports of major damage.

Storms lasted about two hours, Riddle said, and will cool down temperatures through Tuesday. Showers are expected Monday night, but Riddle said they will not be thunderstorms.

Temperatures will rise to the mid to upper 70s again on Thursday and Friday. Riddle said there may be storms again Friday night, but temperatures will reach the 80s through the weekend.