Tree branches and some roofing were casualties of thunderstorms that rumbled through the Grand Forks area on Monday. As a result, a few tenants in Emerado were unable to return to their homes.

The region saw nearly an inch of rain during a thunderstorm on Monday night and the showers, which continued through Tuesday, may keep falling until Wednesday night.

Hallock, Minn., saw the heaviest showers on Monday, with 4 inches of reported rainfall, according to Brittany Peterson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. There was .91 inches of rain in Grand Forks and the airport saw .81 inches, Peterson said. Storms tapered off to the north and west, and areas near Cavalier and Devils Lake saw less than a half-inch of rain.

“It mostly depended on how long the storm stuck around in an area,” Peterson said.

Grand Forks saw wind gusts of around 60 mph at the airport.

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There were several branches downed and some tree damage throughout Grand Forks. Metal roofing reportedly was blown off a machine shed in Euclid, Minn., Peterson said. Some small hail was reported in the region, but Peterson said it all measured less than a half inch.

The Emerado Volunteer Fire Department and the Emerado Police Department responded to an apartment building that was damaged at about 7:30 p.m. Monday.

The building, 105 Franklin Ave., took damage to the roof. Many of the shingles were blown off, as well as the plywood, which exposed the apartment underneath.

“There are no injuries ... the folks that were living in that apartment have friends in Emerado, so they were moving stuff out to their friends’ houses,” said Emerado Police Chief Dan Lund.

“It took it off the west side, which means it took about a quarter of the north/south roof, sheeting wise," said the building's owner, Bill Williams. "It took a third of the roof for shingles. It shattered some of the rafters. I got to have rafters replaced, and, in the process, the ceilings are falling in now."

The building has eight apartments, but Williams noted that only two tenants will have to relocate for a longer period of time.

“Fortunately, I was able to close it up, so only two tenants on the far end, where the roof was lifted off, have to leave. If I can get it stabilized in the next couple of days, keep the water out, then the rest of the tenants will be fine,” he said.

“I’m having a killer of a time finding a building contractor, because everybody’s busy,” Williams said.

A power line also was reported down across the street from the apartment building prompting a response from Nodak Electric and Midcontinent cable as well. Police Chief Dan Lund noted that the power came back on several hours later.

Adam Kurtz contributed to this article.