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Paving for Pizza grant fills 48 potholes in Grand Forks

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GRAND FORKS — Streets in Grand Forks are less bumpy as crews used $5,000 from a popular pizza chain to fill potholes.

After receiving many suggestions from area residents, the city received a $5,000 grant from Domino's Pizza as part of the company's Paving for Pizza program.

But just how many potholes does 5 thousand dollars fill? 48.

"It is quite a benefit," said Grand Forks spokesperson, John Bergstrom. "A single day of work, you can get a lot done with equipment like that and the right personnel. So it's a good benefit to the taxpayer and a good program for Domino's because frankly, it's been a week now and we're still talking about 'em.”

The city said it's like having weeks of work paid for.