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Police say 2018 could set record for car chases

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GRAND FORKS, ND--The most chases in Grand Forks since 2015.

That's what police say is possible this year.

A late night chase ended in a crash.

"A vehicle travelling at an excessive rate of speed,” said Grand Forks Police Department Lieutenant, Bill Macki.

The second within a week in Grand Forks.

"The driver of the vehicle backed up and crashed into the patrol car and then the driver and three occupants fled from the vehicle."

In the last chase, a driver lost control and died.

"You know we're seeing pursuits at a fairly stable rate. Somewhere between 13 and 18 a year so typically just over one a month is what we typically see,” said Macki.

Police say they're unsure why suspects are choosing to hit the gas instead of the breaks, but this year, the numbers are staggering--15 so far--two of which happened in August.

Last year, there was a grand total of 13--and the two previous years had similar numbers.

Police say four months can go by without a chase, but this year could set a new high.