Grand Forks, ND (WDAZ-TV) -- Less than a week after crews installed bump outs in Downtown Grand Forks, the city council is discussing taking them out.

A new look downtown --

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"At first I was shocked. I was wondering what this red monstrosity was," says Zachary Bredeson, lives downtown.

-- is causing confusion for pedestrians.

"I see people avoid them more than anything," says Bredeson.

City council members say they're designed to force cars to slow down, making it safer for walkers.

"Visually the driver can see them and you sort of naturally slow down because the roadway is just a little bit constricted," says Jeannie Mock, city council member.

But earlier this week, the city council was talking about taking a minimum of one of the bump-outs out.

"I think some people are very concerned about traffic flow and they're very concerned about turning motions that there would be enough radius for larger vehicles to turn on an off with them there," says Mock.

The people on foot WDAZ talked to are split, with most saying they're not sure what the red paint means.

"My neighbors are picky. So they're saying they hate them," says Bredeson.

"I think they look neat. The only thing is if you're doing business downtown that eliminates more parking with parking already being an issue in downtown Grand Forks," says David Kary, Grand Forks resident.

With reconstruction on Demers Avenue on the horizon, the city says it is better to plan the street with bump-outs than without.

Otherwise, it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars minimum to install them later.

The city is hoping feedback will help them make a decision.

Thumbs up thumbs down. Whatever you think.

"One thumb up, one thumb down," says Bredeson.