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WATCH: Gripping true-crime documentary 'The House on Sweet and Seventh' tells tragic story of a 1998 Bismarck murder

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Editor's note: This documentary contains graphic material. Viewer discretion is advised.

This documentary, "Dakota Spotlight: The House on Sweet and Seventh," looks back on the chilling and heartbreaking murder of Barbara and Gordon Erickstad in Bismarck in 1998. The couple was brutally killed in their home by their son, 18-year-old Brian Erickstad, and his friend, 27-year-old Robert Lawrence in September of 1998. Through interviews with investigators, vintage footage, documents, and more, host James Wolner shines a light on a very dark case and searches for answers. Watch the documentary below.

This documentary is part of a larger video and podcast project. Listen to the podcast on the "Dakota Spotlight" podcast page .


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Correction: This story has been updated. The previous version of the article listed the incorrect day.

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