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Travel the planet with Dakota Spotlight

Why not do some last-minute (virtual) traveling with the Dakota Spotlight Podcast? Check out our summer series featuring seven fascinating interviews with podcast producers, each looking for answers and seeking justice in their own corner of the world.

Dakota Spotlight Podcast
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Here in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota summer is about to wind down.

Why not do some last-minute (virtual) traveling with Dakota Spotlight Podcast. Check out the summer series featuring seven fascinating interviews with podcast producers, each looking for answers and seeking justice in their own corner of the world.

But before you listen to the interviews with these amazing podcast producers. . . here is some insider information just for you. Dakota Spotlight podcast is going international to delve into a story about two potentially connected murders in two different countries. Follow me abroad as we investigate, visit an embassy, and peek at a world where journalists turn up dead and activists get silenced by foreign governments. Stay tuned for this intriguing episode!

We know you will enjoy the interviews with these amazing podcast producers! Now, time to pack my bags as we go international with Dakota Spotlight.

Thank you so much for listening to Dakota Spotlight!


Deon Wiggett is the founder of Fairly Famous, an activist progressive agency in South Africa. With his podcast My Only Story, Deon set out to locate and reveal a serial pedophile. Contributed / Fairly Famous

My Only Story

South Africa

In South Africa, Deon Wiggett used a microphone to track down and expose a serial pedophile.


Marion Barter of Australia traveled abroad in 1997 and then vanished. Contributed / Seven News, Australia

The Lady Vanishes


Reporter Alison Sandy helps a daughter search for a missing school teacher and mother.

16-year-old Clinton Speedy-Duroux went missing after a party. His remains were discovered in bushland near Congarinni Road 7 kilometres outside Bowraville. Contributed / Dan Box Bowraville


Crime reporter Dan Box looks to find justice for the families of three children who vanished from the same street.


Eric Carter-Landin is the host of True Consequences podcast. His little brother Jacob was murdered before his first birthday. Carter-Landin now advocates for victims and their families and is seeking justice for his brother. Contributed / Eric Carter-Landin True Consequences

New Mexico, USA

Eric Carter-Landin’s quest to get a conviction in the murder of his baby brother.

Jamie Pultz is the creator and host of Beenham Valley Road, an Australian podcast that investigates the tragic death Kirra McLoughlin. Contributed / Six 10 Media Beenham Valley Road


Jamie Pultz, an ex-cop trades his badge for a microphone and combats domestic violence.

Erin Reed, producer of Sipping on Some Crime podcast, donates her free time to advocate for victims and their families. Contributed / Erin Reed Sipping on Some Crime

Maryland, USA

Erin Reed donates her time and resources for victims’ families

Teacher and acting principal Priscilla Mchunu was assassinated in front of her students at Laduma High School in South Africa. Contributed / Volume Laduma High

South Africa

Paul McNally of the podcast Volume goes searching for an assassin.


James Wolner is a Digital Content Producer at Forum Communications Company, Fargo North Dakota and the creator, producer and host of Dakota Spotlight, a true crime podcast. He has lived the Upper Midwest since 2013 and studied photojournalism at California State University at Fresno. He is fluent in English and Swedish.
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A seemingly happy family ended in tragedy after the father bludgeoned his wife to death, suffocated his 9-year- and 22-month-old children, lit his house on fire and then hanged himself 38 years ago.
A key piece of evidence in this case stemmed from the discovery of Pamela Dunn's engagement ring.
When a person goes missing, law enforcement is often stuck in a problematic position. Without a body, it can be difficult to prove a crime existed. That means justice, however obvious it may seem, is often not achieved. For the 2001 missing persons case of Pamela Dunn, that’s not exactly the story.
As for who is responsible for the disappearances of Diede and Anderson, a listener would have to tune in and, ultimately, decide for themselves. With all 11 episodes now out, this season of the true-crime investigative podcast Dakota Spotlight is fully available to binge-listen.